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Absa CIB’s NewGold Exchange Traded Fund (NewGold) is one of the simplest and cost-efficient methods for investors to invest directly in actual gold. NewGold continuously tracks the gold spot price and enables investors to invest in a listed instrument (structured as a debenture) in which each security is equivalent to approximately 1/100th ounces of gold and is fully backed by holdings of gold bullion with the NewGold Custodian, ICBC Standard Bank. NewGold is the first product in South Africa through which institutional and retail investors can securely invest directly in gold bullion. NewGold ETF complies with Shariah Law.

About the Benchmark

Gold Spot

The Spot price of Gold. Gold is a well known precious metal traded in US dollar per fine ounce.

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Fund Data

Launch Date01 Nov 2004
DomicileSouth Africa
IssuerNewGold Issuer Ltd
ManagerNewGold Manager (Pty) Ltd
TrusteesMaitland Trust Limited
Market MakerAbsa Corporate and Investment Bank
Stock ExchangeJSE
Exchange CodeGLD
Bloomberg CodeGLD.SJ Equity`
RIC Code